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Founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2015, International Credit Open Exchange (ICOE) is an institution that enables international convertibility of bonus points.

Enterprise Partners

 ICOE’s core function is that users can use tokenized points on ICOE to obtain more products and services that the points issuers can not provide. Such function will help enterprises that cooperate with ICOE to increase user stickiness and repeated purchases.

Individual Bonus Point

Traditional currencies can be exchanged into lots of goods and services, which makes everyone be aware of their value,users can quickly form a spending habit that maximizes their benefits, which represents the largest value of ICOE platform.

Convertibility merchants

Convertibility merchants are the most direct transmitters of ICOE’s benefits. Convertibility merchants do not create bonus points. Instead, they use the circulation system, which exists in the form of alliance, to realize the value of convertibility media of bonus points.


The Feasibility in ICOE’s Launch of IO Token(s)

The decentralized tokenization ensures fairness and sustainability in bonus points convertibility.


App Overview

ICOE and IO Token will provide partners, merchants and bonus point users with new channels of value realization, circulation and creation.



Cooprate Enterprise






Global Partners

The Benefits Features

ICOE tokenizes universal bonus points to express their prices,
benefits and rights.

Individual users

Individual users will have more direct experiences in using their bonus points. They can trade or realize the value of their existing bonus points.


Companies can form a more extensive network that enables convertibility of tokenized bonus points. A commercial system will be created based on the circulation of tokens, just like the credit system alliance of VISA and MasterCard.


Individual merchants

Individual merchants can maximize their customer traffic and increase brand exposure via unified portal of tokenized flow.

Global Market

ICOE and IO Token will provide partners, merchants and bonus point users with new channels of value realization, circulation and creation.


ICOE With IO Token

IO Token is a negotiable certificate on ICOE. It has an anchored total circulation volume. IO Token’s value will fluctuate along with the average bonus points value in the payment system of ICOE. It’s a digital asset that carries a use right and generates income. It can also be sold, exchanged and converted.


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